Using e-mail messages with your own domain is way more handy and it'll give you more authority as a firm in case you get in touch with business partners. Such an email address also looks much better when some visitor on your site contacts you through a feedback form and you'd like to reply. How easy it will be to take care of your electronic mail communication can often be as vital as the quality of the service, considering that some website hosting Control Panels make it very difficult and time-consuming to do standard tasks such as providing anti-spam protection or forwarding your e-mail messages. That is why, you should take advantage of an e-mail service that will allow you to gain access to everything in a short time and which will make the management of your email messages quick and simple.
Advanced E-mail Manager in Hosting
The e-mail service, that is a part of our hosting packages, is managed through a feature-rich Email Manager tool where you will be able to access pretty much everything you will need with regard to your email accounts. The tool is a part of our in-house made Hepsia Control Panel and we've created it with the idea to offer as many functions as possible by using an intuitive interface. You'll be able to see all of the mailboxes that you have made indexed in alphabetical order and with a peek you will be able to see whether they are forwarded, if they are catch-up or whether they have functioning anti-spam protection. Setting up any of these functions takes just a couple of clicks. By right-clicking on each mailbox, you can access context menus with more complex functions such as SPF protection. Your Email Manager will also allow you to access the webmail or download auto-configuration files for popular mail applications like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.