An e-mail alias is an e-mail that uses the exact same mailbox along with the original email address. For instance, you can have as the actual address and add an alias Both the addresses can share exactly the same mailbox, so messages sent to either one of them will be received in a single place. You can use aliases for various purposes, such as emailing numerous groups of people or registering on web sites. If you start getting a number of spam, for instance, you can easily get rid of the alias whilst your original mailbox won't be affected in the slightest and you'll retain the emails that you need. Aliases are often perceived as a replacement for forwarding messages from one email address to another one if you work with two or more addresses for contact on your website.
E-mail Aliases in Hosting
Setting up an alias for every mailbox is very easy for people with a hosting plan from us. This can be done in the Emails area of the Hepsia Control Panel, which is used to manage the website hosting accounts plus it takes no more than a couple of clicks. It is easy to create or remove a lot of aliases at any time and save valuable time when you manage the messages for a number of emails which you use - for example, different divisions inside a corporation or numerous sections of a web site. If you receive emails from a lot of email addresses in one mailbox, but people must have a copy of specific e-mails, you're able to combine the aliases with e-mail forwarding and/or e-mail filters, which can also be configured with Hepsia.